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After almost two decades of tours and safaris in different countries of southern Africa, all of them strictly based on "self drive and no guides", last year I opted for a tented camp guided safari. I had many reasons for this choice, including the fact that was a bit tired of having to worry about the car getting stuck in the mud and in the sand or about flat tyres to be changed. Those do-it-yourself vacations had given me many satisfaction however and therefore I felt a little uneasy regarding this solution that was so new to me. I was aware that I was relying upon a highly professional tour operator; that mine would be a small group of friends and some relatives only, just like in my previous trips; that we would be guided by one of the best ranger available in this part of the continent. Never the less I was ready for nothing more than a pleasant holiday, certainly not a memorable and inconceivable one.

It took me less than twenty four hours after we landed in Gaborone to realize how wrong, very much wrong, I was in having such a low expectation by this new adventure. The beauty of the places chosen for the camps; the advantage of being taken around by a professional guide able to always spot the animals and to know how to approach them safely; the warm welcome, at the end of each safari, by well trained staff, always ready to solve your problems and respond to your needs; the pleasure of finding a well organized camp at the end of the day, with nice bedding and hot water for a much awaited shower; the very good and diversified food, including the daily baked bread: these are things you get used to rather quickly and soon you wonder how you could have enjoyed the place without them. Not to mention the unbeatable tradition of stopping every afternoon, just before sunset, to enjoy the magic of the show put up by Mother Nature, but also to toast with nicely cooled quality white wines.

 I have discovered all this rather late in my life, but I know it would be wrong to complain. The right attitude, in line with a way of saying which I much appreciate, is to consider that "it's never too late". And now I know what I want for my next African safari.


Mauro, Italy April 2015

Willem, having just recently returned home from what can only be described as a truly remarkable safari. Traveling to those remote areas of the Kalahari with you and the Penduka team is a memory I will hold dear all my life. You showed us places that few others would venture to. You shared your incredible knowledge of the Kalahari, it's history, the animals, plants and birds; keeping us all fascinated despite the incredible drought we were witnessing.


My brothers and I were constantly amazed at the ease with which challenges were met and overcome with no discomfort or impact on us the guests. How many safari operators would be able to replace a vehicles clutch in an area as remote as you can get, with absolutely no delay to our itinary. The over 50 yrs of Penduka experience sure is telling!

The incredible friendliness and genuine warmth of the support staff, was never once phoney or false, always respectful, helpful and accommodating. The site of the beautifully "set-up camp" after a long day, the welcoming fireside sundowner and the three course meals. Quite unbelievable! Having a pride of lions come to investigate our camp, or the clan of 8 spotted hyena passing through, are memories etched into my being. You have showed me the Kalahari, the harshness, the beauty, the timelessness of a place but seldom found in this age. How remarkable it was while chatting to fellow guests, whether they be seasoned safari goers or first timers, how each persons life was touched and enriched. We are all agreed, we will be back to venture again with you to places that you know so well and love so dearly.

A classic, old world safari with all the comforts, all the sights, all the wonderful company. The ever faithful Internationals, just doing what they do. May they travel another million miles...hopefully some of those miles with me. Willem, the legacy of Penduka you have taken on from Isak and built on, change people's lives, enriching us all. Long may you continue opening the wildernesses of Africa to us fortunate few who safari with you.


Andrew, South Africa  - March 2015

What's your idea of holidays? To sleep  in a luxurious bed with crisp bed linen, take a shower in a designer bath, dine 5star deluxe, go to a concert of a renowned orchestra or enjoy the latest movie with George, or Angelina or Russell?


Well -  forget about it when you go on a Penduka Safari!


Instead experience nature at its best with people at their best!! In our tent in the vastness of the Kalahari or in the wilderness of the Okavango delta we enjoyed the sounds of the wild at night, woke up from the gorgeous smell of coffee and the sounds from the open air kitchen, showered under a bucket of water underneath a Mopane tree, sat around the fire at night and gazed at the stars, listened to stories that made you feel jumpy ... saw the lions in the grass behind the tents.


Willem and his team made those holidays the best ever. We came back home as different people and with the longing to return to the special places Penduka offers.


Susanne, Germany -  March 2014

We recently returned to Seattle from a four week vacation to South Africa, Botswana and a very brief stay in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls.  THE HIGHLIGHT of our vacation was a bush safari we took arranged through your company!  Seagal Tembwe was our guide. Other safari staff included Ben, Owen and Rekang. Each and every one of your staff on this journey was without equal!  This truly was the vacation of a lifetime!  


On Safari, my wife and I slept in tents, ate excellent meals, witness amazing night skies and sunsets, heard the animals each night from hippos "laughing" to lions roaring.  Our camp was attacked by a rouge bull elephant one night, we experienced hyenas prowling through the camp nearly every night, we were raided by a honey badger on another.  We saw lions mate, vultures descend upon a buffalo carcass, enormous herds of buffaloes, elephants and antelope, dazzles of zebras, groups of giraffe, 14 lions, two leopards, several crocodiles, more birds than we can name.

I don't think it could have been better than that.  We had an incredible guide who not only knew the animals (and was respected/almost revered by literally every guide we came across) but was also very well read and engaged in fun conversations ranging from Apple and Coca Cola to world politics!  The fact is as I write this to you, words simply cannot tell the whole story.  It was that good!
 Thank you for one of the most spectacular events we have ever experienced!

Dave and Therese,  USA September 2013 

How to ever thank you? You put together the most wonderful trip in all the world and with so many personal touches. From the food, to the bathrooms, game drives, warm water in the mornings etc etc, all was noticed and so appreciated. It was more than we could ever have dreamed of and so much more than a holiday. It really was a time of deep unity and in places of such awesome beauty that so often, I felt it defied description. The meeting of the bushmen was a profound experience and so wonderful for all of us but especially our children.

It is my prayer that when the time is right, we will again journey with you.... Penduka has so much to offer...we have been deeply blessed.

Paul and Alison - Cape Town, South Africa    June 2010

We are a Russian ethnographic documentary studio and of all the companies that have provided location management services for us, Penduka is undeniably and incontestably the best. Not only are they in charge of finding and securing locations to be used and coordinating the logistics for film production, but they also establish contacts with the local tribes to be filmed, hold negotiations prior to and during the production; to say nothing of the fact that their assistance on-site cannot be praised enough.

Over the last couple of years, Penduka has taken us to the most enchanting and unexplored corners of Southern Africa and we look forward to discovering and filming many more.

Sergey - Russia May 2010

Wow, what a fantastic safari my wife and I have just had.
How did it all start?

In 1975 I was teaching Biology in a South African High School and I had decided that I must complete an African Safari before my year was up. I joined a Penduka Safari – fifteen days from Johannesburg. Africa got into my blood on that trip and I have been waiting for the opportunity to experience the thrill again of seeing large African mammals in the wild, the sunsets, the smells and the sounds, particularly at night.

In 2003 my wife and I decided to do a world tour. I suddenly realized this might be the chance to visit Africa again, so I checked the web and found that Penduka Safaris was still in operation. Emails started flying across the world and before long, my wife and I had booked a safari for December 2004.

The wildlife, the experienced guide plus team of helpers, accommodation, food and drink made this safari that my wife and I will never forgot.

Some people would say that it sounds like a trip of a lifetime. However I would say that trips of this quality are for one to enjoy many times in a lifetime if possible.

Thank you Penduka Safaris for staying there in Africa and producing very professional safaris that enable people like us to come and enjoy the whole experience of Africa. The smells, sounds and experiences are all brought back to us when we view the hundreds of photographs that we took on this Penduka Safari.
Ian - New Zealand. - 2007

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